Hey there, nice to meet you!

Hello humans!

My name is Destiny Jimenez and I am so very excited to finally get to share with you all something that God has been wanting me to do for so long! That being said, welcome to my blog! This is a safe space for me to be vulnerable with all of you and share some insight into my life and all that the Lord is doing during this season of change while at the same time, allowing you to come to know and understand all that the Lord wants for your life as well!

I decided to name my blog “A Heart After His Own” because I wanted this to be a reflection of the love that I have for Christ and use it to share the heart I have for serving Him. However, this isn’t all about me. I also have a very large heart for people, so I wanted to use this space to pour into you all as well, which is why I would love it if you all would subscribe to this blog, follow me on social media, and comment ways in which I can encourage you, fellowship with you, or even pray for you as we navigate through topics such as: life, love, school, and a relationship with Jesus.

Thank you so much for being here, I can’t wait to see how God is going to use this to touch so many hearts all around the world! That being said, let’s get to it!

{P.S. If you have something you would like prayer for, you can comment your requests on the most recent blog posts or contact me through social media, so that I can see them. And if you don’t need prayer for anything, still feel free to comment about the awesome things God is doing in your life, questions you may have, or reflections on the posts. I’d love to hear from and celebrate life with you all!}


13 thoughts on “Hey there, nice to meet you!

  1. Diana says:

    My faith has grown stronger these last 2 years, I lost it for a while after my miscarriages. I enjoy so much to learn new things about, find new ways to communicate with him. To trust him. Reading your post sometimes makes me feel a little closer to him. Some of the things you say really touch me. Sometimes I’m even thinking what your saying lol. I’m looking forward to your blog. Best wishes! You’ll do great!


    • Destiny Jimenez says:

      I’m really glad to hear that. I hope that you continue to hear from God in every area of your life, and if He uses this blog to speak to you, then it will have served its purpose. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Love you.


  2. Sonia Vasquez says:

    The many things that God has provided for you and the adventure that you find yourself on, are answers to my prayers. Keep seeking Him in all that you do. Every detail, every step and every area is to be used for His glory. Encouraged my your testimonies and your obedience to Him. Momma can only do so much and He’s been comforting, guiding and leading you all throughout the last few months. He’s been there when I can’t and will continue to be. I’m so glad that we serve a God of more than enough!!!!

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  3. Richard Vasquez says:

    Hey Destiny,
    God Bless you darling! Praise the Lord for all that He has done, all He is currently doing, and for His will upon you. Reading your blog I can hear your sweet lil educated voice just flowing in a proper tone. We love you and we miss you back home.


  4. Grandma Pumpkin says:

    HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just keep your guard up, cause you just gave the devil a black eye. I’ll be keeping you in prayer.
    I LOVE YOU …..Princess V child of the most ”


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